BetaCONCEPT proposes a shift of focus from ephemeral vertical applications to the most valuable and dynamic asset, your content.

Atomize, categorize, reuse and repurpose are the key actions that summarize our curation notion for information. Consolidate the content of your website, blog, wiki, forum or portal in a central repository and deliver it to end users & applications. Turn your web content into your Enterprise Knowledge.


BetaCONCEPT is an R&D company, founded in 2005, focusing on the development of an innovative open source framework for content and knowledge management. Amid an information flooded world BetaCONCEPT realized the need to give and get value to content with a powerful semantic-enabler tool. On that logic we created a flexible and pleasure-to-work-with platform that keeps pace with your Organization's evolving content management and curation needs.

The Astroboa Semantic / Structured Content Platform addresses to all organizations and individuals who value data and content, be it businesses, enterprises, museums, research centres or individual researchers and scholars. The need and will to master and communicate content in a digital universe has become common and what it requires is a sophistication in the realization of the transition from scarce ideas to structured content and from digital content to a sustainable context empowering knowledge federation henceforth.


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